Make Your Next Zoom Meeting Like A Musical Birthday Card

How to Wake Up Zoom Zombies with Music

Why will people will spend $9 or $10 for a birthday card? Because one that plays music is worth it, sparking the card opening moment with joy. What if you could turn parts of your Zoom meetings into musical cards?

Mute. Un-mute and speak. Camera on (reluctantly). Camera off (whew!). Eye strain. Boredom. But what if somebody shared a slide that played music?

How to Add Music to Your Zoom Meeting

It requires some prep work to add music to your Zoom meetings. But with many people faced with hours of such meetings each day, prep work to improve participant engagement is a must.

We aren’t talking about continuous music throughout the meeting. Instead, just short intervals of three to ten seconds.

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need. We’ll go into more details below.

  • Source for licensed music
  • Simple audio editor like Audacity (free)
  • Audio settings in your presentation program
  • Zoom audio settings

Step One: Sourcing the Music

OK, to get short music hits into your presentation, you’ll need to find some music. Are there a lot of three to ten second songs available? No. So you will have to create some, most likely by editing a longer piece.

Also, you don’t want a liability issue by using music without permission. So, here are some options.

Three Options for Music Sourcing

Gold: Have someone in your organization that has musical talent create a few short themes.

Silver: Pay for a collection of musical themes that you can use as you wish. Expect to pay from $30-$50.

Bronze: Scout for free music on the internet. This one gets a little tricky, because you have to deal with sometimes complicated licensing requirements.

Many “free” music sites use the Creative Commons licensing system. Usually tracks that are licensed this way can be used as long as you adhere to the terms. But there are many different types of licenses and requirements.

Step Two: Editing the music

OK, if you found an in-house musician to make your mini tracks, then this part is already done. But if you had to source longer songs, you will need to edit them down to size. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard — it’s kind of like cropping a photo.

You can get Audacity, a simple audio editor, for free.

  • Load the track into Audacity.
  • Listen to figure out what short snippet you want to keep.
  • Use the Zoom feature to get a closer look at where you will make the cuts.
  • Cut out the portions you DON’T want, leaving only the short version.
  • Save the project.
  • Export the file as an mp3.

Step Three: Adding the Audio to your Presentation

Step Four: In the Zoom Meeting …