5 Ways Fender Play Can Help Your Kids Learn Ukulele

Fender Play

Will your kids actually learn to play that new ukulele? It turns out that musical instrument makers are worried about that too — and one company is doing something about it with offerings like Fender Play.

Guitar Players Taught Fender Something Important

Famous guitar maker Fender found that 90% of first-time guitar buyers are also last-time guitar buyers. According to Fender CEO Andy Mooney, the 10% of repeat customers will each buy $10,000 of gear in a lifetime. So that 10% market slice is worth about $1 billion to Fender.

So Fender found their growth market is not new customers; it’s in retaining new customers.

Fender realized they needed to engage with new customers after the purchase if they wanted to keep them. Like many brands in other industries, they developed a marketing strategy based on building brand loyalty through information sharing. For the Fender brand, the critical content to share is how to play the instruments Fender sells.

Fender Play Reckons With the Ukulele Uplift

Fender Play instructor

The Fender Digital initiative launched in 2014 to reach a more tech-savvy audience. The iconic brand brought in psychologist Daniel Levitin, author of the best selling This Is Your Brain On Music, and highly regarded music tech executive Ethan Kaplan.

After carefully researching their customers’ needs, they launched Fender Play, serving up a tightly organized platform of online video lessons from professional musicians. 

Fender also recognized the ukulele, as sales of the small instrument skyrocketed between 2009 and 2018. Fender started its own ukulele line, and now uke lessons are included in Fender Play right next to the guitar and bass courses.

Five Ways Fender Play Helps Kids and Parents

1. Time Saver

Do you want to spend hours curating YouTube ukulele lessons for your kids? Fender Play has built out a structured series of courses aimed at beginners. The bite-sized videos can take the new player from absolute beginner to confident learner.

Fender Play ukulele lesson

2. Kid Safe Platform

Imagine your kids spending hours looking for ukulele lessons on YouTube and getting sidetracked by other content. Time budgeted for ukulele study could easily be interrupted by just about anything.

Once your kids sign in to the secure Fender Play platform, they can engage with a program of consecutive bite-size videos aimed at them. The professional musicians who teach the lessons are engaging, and the Learning Path guides the students and tracks what they have done.

3. Accessibility

It’s great to have in-person instruction, but with COVID-19, that’s less of an option. Kids can take on-demand Fender Play lessons anywhere, anytime using a laptop, tablet or cell phone.

4. Easy for Parents to Monitor

The Fender Play system tracks each learner’s activity, making it easy for parents to see their child’s progress. Just log in to the system to see your child’s accomplishments.

Fender Play ukulele lesson

5. Effective Learning

The short video lessons feature instructors demonstrating new skills or songs, augmented by interactive chord and strum charts. So kids can watch and then play along, also picking up some fundamental music reading skills. Kids can even slow down the song while they’re mastering the strums and chord changes.

Fender Play is song focused learning, using well-known tunes to drive the development of skills. The song’s difficulty is ranked by a guitar pick icon, with one pick for easy, two picks for intermediate, and three picks for advanced.

Some examples of “one pick” (easy) songs:

Frere JacquesTraditional
You Are My SunshineTraditional
Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival
Ring Of FireJohnny Cash
Batman ThemeNeil Hefti (TV show theme)
Ode To JoyBeethoven

Get Fender Play Now

The $49.99 price tag for six months of Fender Play is far less than one month of local instruction. The price breaks down to less than $10 per month. You can purchase a subscription now at Amazon.

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