Best Beginner Ukulele Guide For Busy Parents

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The Best Beginner Ukulele 

The Kala brand rates best for its combination of quality and support, including an extensive online learning program. The Kala Learn To Play series is the best beginner ukulele. 

Aklot and Donner make the next best beginner ukulele, but with less comprehensive online learning options. 

Kala Learn To Play Bundle

Whichever ukulele you select, you’re getting a bundle with all the necessary accessories. 

To learn the basics about what makes a good kids ukulele, check out our

3 Step Best Ukulele Guide For Busy Parents.

Best Beginner Ukulele: Kala 

What makes the Kala bundle our top recommendation? 

Kala has created a solid first ukulele, with nice tone and volume, an easy to squeeze, comfortable neck, and a resilient finish. The uke is strung with top quality Aquila strings, which really do make a big difference in sound and tuning.  

This Kala uke gets rave reviews for tone and playability from buyers and from music teachers. 

Kala LTP Ukulele review

So with the bundle, you get: 

  • A playable and tunable, good sounding uke that will engage your child 
  • Full complement of accessories 
  • Trial access to the Kala learning program 

Kala is an industry leader that makes quality ukuleles across many price ranges. They do full quality control on all instruments before shipping from their U.S. based headquarters, and maintain a support team at the same site. 

busy parents tip

The Kala learning program is free to try and can be a real ally for busy parents. The self-contained, modular learning helps keep kids on track, and makes it easy for you to check their progress. 

Kala takes a lot of care to make a great product, and to support you after purchase. The result is that these Kala models receive high ratings, with hundreds of five star reviews online. 

Get the top rated Kala Learn To Play Bundle from Amazon now … 

For smaller hands (age 6-8), get the Soprano Size

For bigger hands (age 9 and up), get the Concert Size

Runners Up: Aklot and Donner 

Aklot and Donner also make good beginner ukuleles, but with much smaller learning programs than Kala. These are really nice instruments, but weigh about two pounds more than the Kala, which could be a problem for the youngest kids. 

Each uke is set up with a pull-through bridge, making string changing way easier. 

Aklot Soprano and Concert 

The Aklot Soprano and Concert are great for the price. Each boasts an unheard-of-at-entry-level solid wood soundboard. They also feature rounded edges for comfort, a reinforced body and neck, and precise tuning gears. 

Many uke beginners struggle with changing strings. But the Aklot pull-through bridge saves you from tricky looping and knot tying. 

Aklot ukes come with a quick start guide, and a single 30-minute learning video is available from the website. 

Aklot ukulele video review from Amazon. 

Get the well-built, good sounding Aklot Ukulele from Amazon now… 

For smaller hands (age 6-8), get the Soprano Size

For bigger hands (age 9 and up), get the Concert Size

Donner Soprano and Concert 

The Donner Soprano and Concert ukes are good values, and are highly rated by buyers. The dovetail neck joint, and the solid tuning machines, are evidence of quality craftsmanship.  

There are some thoughtful and useful features built-in. The slight arching of the back improves this uke’s resonance. The Donners also feature a pull-through bridge for easy string changing. 

Donner also offers a small set of free introductory lessons on their site. 

Donner ukulele video review from Amazon. 

Get the high value Donner Ukulele Bundle from Amazon now … 

For smaller hands (age 6-8), get the Soprano Size

For bigger hands (age 9 and up), get the Concert Size

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